slowdown – acoustic version


This acoustic version was originally recorded for BBC Radio 5 in January 2012. We liked it so much we thought we should re record a version for all to hear.
Guitar – Athol Cassidy
Vocals – John Turrell
Available from I Tunes from 12th March
Slow Down (Acoustic Version) by Smoove & Turrell

9 Comments on "slowdown – acoustic version"

  1. Joe Hopper says:

    Acoustic version is bloody marvelous.

  2. Roland Verboon says:

    First heard ‘Slow Down’ on Arrow Jazz FM (Holland). This acoustic version!
    Now I know the original too. It’s good, but this one is excellent. Love it love it love it!

    • Britta says:

      Hi Roland,

      Exactly my story! Listened to Arrow, was amazed, googled the song, listened to the original version, liked it, too, but am completely taken by the acoustic version!
      Thank you S&T, great song!


  3. eileen says:

    I can’t stop listening to this song!

  4. Chris Schlemmer says:

    Sublime! Comme tout ce qu’ils font… et qu’ils feront encore j’espère.

  5. Adel says:

    Much calmer. Beautiful!

  6. Kostas says:

    Anyone knows what chords they’re playing? I really want to learn it on the guitar but have no ‘ear’ to get the chords…

  7. Kostas says:

    C#m E A B

  8. Jack Shit says:

    Canny choon hinny.

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