9th August 2014 @ Split Festival – Sunderland



Lay It On Me – Video

You may of seen pictures of people posing behind record sleeves on the internet, which is also known as taking sleevefaces http://www.sleeveface.com


This  Smoove & Turrell video puts a twist on that idea as it plays through a slideshow of legendary record covers with the band’s faces superimposed onto them in a homemade ’cut and paste’ style – perfectly fitting for a Smoove & Turrell Record Store Day celebration!

‘Lay It On Me’, which is set to be released on the 14th April, is a fast paced soul stomper which has been a mainstay of the bands energetic live show for the last few months, whilst their B-side track ’I Just Want More’ showcases the bands incredible songwriting and melodic appeal.

order the 7″ vinyl of Lay It On Me / I Just Want More here:http://bit.ly/NNcklu

Taken from the Album Broken Toys Released 26th May 2014

My Random Jukebox – Album Review & Interview

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Words James Wilson

Original site : http://myrandomjukebox.com/2014/07/smoove-turrell-broken-toys/

31st July 2014 @ Kendal Calling






12th June 2014 @ Parukarka Prague


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27th July 2014 @ Stockton Weekender



A1 Blow Out !!!

We had finished a gig in Warwick and were on route home to Newcastle in our tour bus when the incident happened near Scotch Corner. Most of the band members were fast asleep in the bus when there was the sound of a loud explosion, which turned out to be a tyre blow out!

Luckily nobody was injured thanks’ to Dave Curves fantastic driving skills, where he managed to regain control of a swerving bus, before pulling over to the hard shoulder. The incident happened at 3.30am on the A1 motorway while travelling at 70mph!

To add insult to injury we had already been hit with a flat tyre that very morning so we had no spare wheel to replace it, which meant we had to wait for three hours for road side assistance (who gave us those useless silver capes) and then wait another seven hours in a service station while some of the other band members tried to source another wheel from somewhere.

We can all laugh about the episode now, but at the time it was a pretty hair raising experience to say the least!