Will You Be Mine – Video

Here is the new Smoove & Turrell music video for the next single Will You Be Mine .

Filmed @ Sunderland & Durham City with special thank’s to Aphrodite clothing and Mike Porters acting skills, which is a shockingly real portrail of the man himself!

Directed & Produced by Zebrafish Media.

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Lay It On Me – Video

You may of seen pictures of people posing behind record sleeves on the internet, which is also known as taking sleevefaces http://www.sleeveface.com


This  Smoove & Turrell video puts a twist on that idea as it plays through a slideshow of legendary record covers with the band’s faces superimposed onto them in a homemade ’cut and paste’ style – perfectly fitting for a Smoove & Turrell Record Store Day celebration!

‘Lay It On Me’, which is set to be released on the 14th April, is a fast paced soul stomper which has been a mainstay of the bands energetic live show for the last few months, whilst their B-side track ’I Just Want More’ showcases the bands incredible songwriting and melodic appeal.


Taken from the Album Broken Toys Released 26th May 2014

Will You Be Mine – Review

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25th September 2014 @ Twiggys – Novosibirsk Siberia Russia


press review – Scootering Magazine


27th September 2014 @ Leicester